What is a Call Center?

A call center is an organization that relies on inbound and outbound call management in the process of running its business. A high volume call center is one that requires high performance technology that will maximize operational efficiency in order to minimize expensive overhead, maintain the highest level of customer service and keep the organization competitive.

What is a Hosted Call Center?

A hosted call center is basically all of the features and functions of a call center provided over the internet. The system is commonly used by companies who need to rapidly deploy and share a common call center technology platform in a geographically distributed environment.

Ex: A company that has multiple offices across the United States. However, there are only two or three people per office. The call center provided by PAPlus allows for seamless communication as if they were in the same office.

Ex: You bring on a new large client and you need high volume outbound calling. The problem would be easily solved with predictive dialing. Since it is very expensive to create your own in house call center and there is a very high learning curve for new technology, PAPlus is the best solution. Not only does PAPlus offer minimal start up costs and the option to buy or host, but they also provide you the technology quickly, most efficiently, and most effectively. Plus there is no need to worry about talking with no name agents. With PAPlus's personable staff and direct access to communication with principles within the company, you know your needs will be dealt with the full attention that they deserve.

There are many other reasons to take the hosted call center option including:
• Reduced Overhead and Training with a common platform
• Highly & Rapidly Scalable
• Built-in Disaster Recovery for disaster prone areas (Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Floods)
• Reduced LD rates, taxes and fees (i.e. no local loop charges for PRI T1 Services)
• And more…


Feature Details

Predictive Dialing for Outbound:
Predictive dialing filters out the non productive time the agents spend on the phone by filtering out the no answers, busies, operator intercepts, and only provides live voice contacts. Predictive dialing will improve performance by 200-300% by dialing manually. Rather than 15-18 minutes of talk time per hour you get 50-55 minutes of talk time per hour. This means you can triple the amount of business that you manage with the same number of employees, or you can reduce your staff.

Ex: If you handle 10,000 accounts with 15 people, with the same amount of people you can manage 30,000 accounts. System: supports up to 255 simultaneous dialing campaigns ( i.e. homogeneous group of records or records all related to a specific function such as a particular business or client).

Ex: Telemarketing company: has campaign 1 for selling product A campaign 2 for product B You can have up to virtually unlimited agents per campaign.

The system meets all federal and state regulations for call abandonment and the national do not call list
Debt Collection
The system is fully integrated into several debt collection software packages including Latitude Software.
Progressive dialing:
A single agent campaign
Speed dialing:
One touch dialing off an application screen
Complete Call Recording Services:
Records every call that is placed in the system for a minimum of 6 months Call recording replay app: Finds and tracks any recorded call at any time by any person with extensive record selection capabilities. Dynamic call monitoring: Supervisor has the ability to dynamically monitor agent's calls to provide quality assurance.
Extract recording and email:
Ability to extract recorded calls (inbound and outbound) from anyone on the system and email to the necessary recipient.
Provide call center consulting services:
PAPlus can analyze the performance of your call center and make recommendations to improve efficiencies.
Auto attendant:
Automated operator
Remote notification:
You can be alerted to and listen to important messages on your hosted office phone.