The PA Plus Advantage

You've hired top-notch agents, now don't you want them to work to their full potential? With manual dialing, your agents might spend 15-18 minutes of each hour actually speaking with clients - the rest of the time would be wasted spent on dialing, waiting for an answer, busy signals, etc.

With PA Plus' innovative call center technology, we are able to maximize the time your agents spend speaking with clients by using advanced Call Progress Analysis with Digital Signal Processing technology to filter out this wasted non-productive time. Additionally, our unique method of telephone system integration virtually eliminates the traditional dialer system transfer delays which result in a “Hello! Hello? Hello?” called party hang-up and agent “dead air”.

This will allow an average of 40 minutes of additional live talking time for your agents an hour. Talk about an advantage.

No More Wait Time

Ever called a company and had to listen to their elevator music for 5 minutes before you could actually talk to a real person? PA Plus eliminates that wait time, cutting down the average from 30-40 seconds to about 3-4 seconds before the client is connected to an agent.

PA Plus systems use Intelligent Call Routing Technology with automated customer application Screen Pops which display information about the calling party before the agent answers the phone. This process improves performance by eliminating operator answer/transfer delays and prompting the caller for account information, thus speeding up application screen setup time.

Not only does this decrease annoying wait time, it also makes for better customer service.

The Seconds Really Add Up

The math speaks for itself. Saving 30 seconds of each call may seem like only a short time, but over time these seconds add up. How much additional revenue would your call center produce if 30 seconds was saved on just 1000 calls per day? Well, this translates to 41.6 extra hours of time your agents could spend on the phone in just one week. If your average Full Time Equivalent (“FTE”) generates $50/hr, then that is $2083.00 per week or $108,333.00 per year.

Now, you also have to consider that you may have been paying for that toll free number that was used to call your office and that is on hold while an agent was found. By cutting down the wait time for these 1000 calls a day, at 2.5 cents per minute for TFN service, your business just saved $3,244.80 a year, not including the associated Federal and State Tax and Fees.

Lastly, and most important, you have improved customer service and may have just given your business an advantage over the competition. Not bad for a few seconds, huh?